Intentional Living & The Ultimate Reset

Well, I have zero clue what I’m getting myself into with this whole UR thing, but I know that I have some kickass gals (thanks to this group and others on FB) who will support one another as we tackle this challenge!

I am notorious for starting blogs (notorious BloG?) and not following through.  I want this time to be different.  I am hoping that my posts here about the ultimate reset, other wellness topics, and matters of intentional living might help you in your journey to your best self.

If you are reading this and are preparing to complete the 21 day UR, check out my schedule here.  This is tentative, but I just wanted to give myself an idea of where I would be and when based on my calendar.  If you use Google apps, you can click here to make a copy of your own spreadsheet so that you can edit it to fit your needs and schedule.

I should note that I do NOT work for beachbody, and I am not a health professional of any kind.  I am an educator and I train teachers and educational leaders on technology for a living. 🙂

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