UR – Day 1

I don’t like red miso… or lentils…. but I’m glad I tried both. 😉 I tend to eat most anything, so I was surprised that I disliked my lunch today, but I am excited about my quinoa salad tomorrow!

Felt a tad nauseous after breakfast and even more so after lunch. I’m wondering if I’m reacting to the optimize. I’m about to take it again before dinner, so we shall see.

I’ve almost made it through one day without cheating. Haha.

I prepped a lot today between breakfast and lunch… thankfully, I was working from home.  I’ll be on the road this week, so I am trying my best to think ahead.  Today I prepped a big batch of quinoa, some quinoa salad, some lentil salad, a huge batch of red miso, and an extra serving of sweet potato for my express lunch tomorrow.

I should mention that Amazon Prime has been my friend.  Check out this link for a list (with links) of things I ordered online (such as beans, oatmeal, etc…) I did not like the red miso paste at all, but I LOVE white miso.  Everyone in the forums says to purchase white miso… At least I tried something new. 😉  A lot of people love Teeccino as a coffee alternative, available on Amazon.  I did not like the one I tried at all, though.  I think I should have gone with another flavor.  Might try another soon.

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