UR – Day 2

I’m on the road for work, and I’m a little stressed about this whole reset-on-the-road thing.

Took a shake on the road for breakfast and packed my quinoa salad and sweet potato for lunch at the airport so I could stay on track.

Felt super tired on the plane today and could barely keep my eyes open to do work early this evening!

I booked a hotel near a whole foods… dinner for tonight is prepped, as well as breakfast, lunch, and snack for tomorrow.  Since I’m in a hotel, I had to modify a bit, but I am sticking to all approved week 1 items… Dinner tonight is the taco salad- our planned meal, but with lettuce instead of tortilla.  Since salsa is approved, I used a little bit of organic salsa (no sugar) as dressing, and it was great!





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