UR – Day 4

MMMM…. This sushi was the bomb!  (Note: I left out the tempeh.)

Day 4 and I am feeling MUCH more like myself.  Still a little tired, but I also got in REALLY late last night.

I’m finding that I am modifying the recommended meals more and more, but I am sticking within the ingredients suggested.  I should note that I am not aiming to lose weight; I am focused on the cleansing aspect of this program.

Breakfast was yummy – a blueberry and blackberry smoothie with coconut milk.  I also added flax and chia seeds.  It was tasty!

Unfortunately, work got the best of me and lunchtime came and went.

For dinner, I made the sushi without the tempeh.  I forgot brown rice at the store, so I used the quinoa I prepped on Day 1, and it was great!  I ordered this great little kit off of Amazon, and I did an okay job with the rolling. 🙂

Hoping for a great night of sleep, as my sleeping has been a little rough!

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